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Wearing EyeCounter, you will enjoy each gaming session in 100%

EyeCounter is not only about glasses, it is a unique philosophy of creating a product. Gaming ergonomics is the key word that accompanied our engineers during the creation of the frame elements and the selection of appropriate components.

The possibility of individual adjustment of the lenses turns ordinary glasses into your private "arsenal of new weapons".

You can be sure that your eyesight is your weapon

Zestaw bonusowy

The DIGI technologies and ultra-light materials used in our glasses have made it possible to create a product which is unique in its category.

In EyeCounter, you will enjoy each gaming session to the fullest and your gaming skills will reach a yet unattainable level of performance. By choosing EyeCounter you can be sure that your eyesight is your weapon.

Full Eye Armor

Standard anti-reflective glasses are not always enough to protect against blue light emitted by the screens of computers and smartphones. In some cases, the time spent in front of the monitor requires dedicated solutions, and the best of them are glasses with a blue light filter blocking up to 90% of this spectrum.

Did you know that...?

High-energy blue light 420nm (HEV) can penetrate deeply into the eye and lead to retinal disturbances. HEV radiation affects macular degeneration, so put on your armor and protect your eyesight today

The highest parameters

  • Cleaning 5/5

  • Hardness 5/5

  • HEV protection 5/5

  • View panorama 5/5

  • FPS aberratio 5/5

One of the innovation leaders in the world of eyeglass optics

American Lens is one of the innovation leaders in the world of eyeglass optics. Extensive optical experience and constant desire to improve our glasses are the ideas that inspire us to create products that know no comprimises in their categories.

The involvement of engineers from the best US design offices and one of the most modern optical laboratories in Europe allow us to manufacture products of the highest quality.

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